The Last Mimzy Poster

The Last Mimzy Poster

This poster reminds me a little of this Zathura poster:

Zathura Poster

I don’t think this is a comparison they want.

Also, the poster boasts that the movie comes from the producer of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. I understand the relevancy, but that was a long time ago. I doubt that the kids who are the audience for this movie know anything about Close Encounters.

Overall the poster doesn’t do much for me. Two kids looking at a strange symbol that has no meaning for us. So what?

They should have used the bunny more.

(Opens This Friday)


The Hills Have Eyes 2 Poster

Oh, I like this poster. Sure, I liked the first movie and I’m a sucker for horror posters, so feel free to ignore me. But I really think this is one of the good ones.

There are two elements in this poster that I particularly like. The first is that it keeps the sun drenched, desert hell look. This look was a very important part of the last movie. It gave it a certain personality, I think.

The second is that although it doesn’t show anything thing violent or gory, it does give us a very good feeling for the kind “bad stuff” we can expect to happen in the movie. It automatically gives us the knowledge that whomever is going to be lost in the desert this time is in for one bad ride. And that is the kind of thing that gets me into the theater.

Feel free to call me a sicko now.

The Hills Have Eyes 2 Poster

(Opens This Friday)

Japanese Ratatouille Poster

Japanese Ratatouille Poster

You know what I love about this poster? The funny letter things they have all over it. They should totally keep that on the U.S. poster.

Ok, maybe not.

It’s a nice poster, overall. Much like everything from Pixar it is colorful, endearing and just looks good in general. Let’s hope the movie itself also lives up to the Pixar tradition.

Spider-Man 3 International Poster

Today the SM3 blog brings us the new international Spider-Man 3 poster:

Spider-Man 3 International Poster

It’s actually very similar to other SM3 posters we have seen before:

Spider-Man 3 Poster

It also follows the same general visual style of the posters from the first two films:

Spider-Man 2 Poster Spider-Man 1 Poster

The marketing for SM3 has focused on the internal conflict between the “good” and “dark” sides of Spider-Man. The posters try to convey this conflict, but by keeping the same style used in the posters for the earlier films they also reassure the audience that this new film is very much like the other ones which they already loved.

And the posters look very cool. So, a job well done.

Opening This Weekend: I Think I Love My Wife

I Think I Love My Wife Poster

I don’t think this is a bad movie poster. It does portray the basic facts of the movie: it is about a man torn between his wife and a hot other woman, and it has Chris Rock. And the white background is very classic.

Of course, it’s not very inspired. It’s the kind of poster that pretty much anybody could make and there are thousands of others that are just like it. It sells the basic elements of the movie but doesn’t itself add anything. So, it’s not very good either.

Oh, and the tag line? “In Marriage No One Can hear You Scream”? So very wrong. Too clever by half.