Superbad Poster

Superbad Movie Poster

Oh my god, look at that! It’s a poster for a comedy without a white background! So they are allowed to use other colors. Hmmm.

So, we have established that I like that the poster went with a non-white background. Let me add to that that I enjoy the generally retro look they are using here. But the truth is, with a poster like this it really all comes down to whether the depicted characters look like people you would like to spend a couple of hours with. And for me, the poster works well on that level. Those guys are obviously clueless, and they are clearly going to get themselves in some awkward situations. But I immediately empathise with them and I’m also quite curious to see how those situations turns out.

Sense of humor is a very personal thing, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the poster just made a lot of people cringe. But you can’t please everybody, and with a small comedy like this one you really don’t have to.


Balls of Fury Movie Poster

Balls of Fury Poster

See, the two ping-pong balls placed in each side of the paddle’s handle make you recall a part of the male anatomy. A naughty part of the male anatomy. Isn’t that hilarious?

It does fits with what we have seen from the movie’s humor so far. Which is to say it’s mostly very juvenile, very obvious and very not funny at all.

You can see a really big version of the poster here.

El Cantante poster

El Cantante Poster

You know what the problem with this poster is? It’s got Marc Anthony’s face all over it.

I’m sorry, that was mean. I have nothing against the guy. Of course, I have got nothing for the guy either. But I do like the poster’s retro “photography wasn’t invented so we had to just paint peoples faces” look.

Still not the least bit interested in seeing the movie. But really, there was nothing the poster could do about that.


Rise: Blood Hunter Poster

Rise: Blood Hunter Movie Poster

When I first heard about this vampire movie with Lucy Liu I was immediately worried. Something about it just sounded bad. But I kept my hopes up and decided to wait for the promotional material, expecting that it would do away with my worries.

Well, this poster is definitely not doing the trick.

A good movie poster should try to make you more interested in the film than you would be otherwise. But before it does that it must achieve the simple task of not making you less interested. I’m afraid this poster is not achieving that. It looks bad. It looks cheap. It looks like something that should go direct to video.

And the worst part is, it reinforces the prejudices that people might already have about the movie. Something about Lucy Liu playing a sexy vampire in a horror film just screams cheap exploitation movie from a formerly well known star. Does the poster do anything to dispel that image? No. It is exactly the kind of poster one would expect for that kind of movie. Ok, perhaps with less breast exposition than one would think.

Not looking good for Lucy. Which is too bad, I always liked her.


The Condemned Posters

The Condemned Triple Poster

[Edit: Bumped because the movie opens this week.]

What I love about this new triple poster for The Condemned (starring Steve Austin!) is that they make it absolutely clear that I will not want to see this film. No need to waste my time watching the trailer, or looking for a synopsis of the movie, the poster tells me everything I need to know.

I have to say though, the effect of the breaking glass on the poster featured below is kind of nice. Maybe they can use that one again in a poster for a better film?

The Condemned Poster

Thanks to /Film for pointing this out.