The Grindhouse Posters

Grindhouse Poster

Two great movies for the price of one! What more could you possibly want?

I love the Grindhouse posters. Very different from the clean, bright posters we are so used to seeing. And to my mind they capture the feel of the usual poster for a grindhouse flick, but still manage to look much better then any of the actual posters for those movies ever did. Believe me, I have been looking at a lot of those posters for a feature that should be up tomorrow. They are interesting. Mesmerizing even. But they were also cheap hack jobs, and it shows.

Grindhouse Flyer

Can’t you just see this one as an advertisement in some hidden inner pages of your local paper? Well, perhaps not nowadays.

Planet Terror Teaser 1Planet Terror Teaser

The yellow one is my favorite Grindhouse poster, the one I would want in my bedroom. The look on the actress’s face, the heavy, running, make up. And the mysterious syringe. Just perfect.

Death Proof Teaser

After having been involved in a car accident a few of months ago I have been a lot more sensitive to horror movies featuring cars. So I guess that is one good thing that came out of that.

But even you less sensitive people out there have to agree, that is one mean looking car, right?

Death Proof Solo PosterPlanet Terror Solo Poster

These two come courtesy of the wonderful FilmIck. Apparently, those are possible posters to be used in English speaking countries were the two films will be released separately. Yeah, that is right, separately. Yes, I think that’s crazy too, but what can I do?

Grindhouse opens this Friday, so get your wallets ready.


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