A Tale Of Two Reaping Posters

The Reaping Poster B (Big)

I think the above is the most used promotional poster for The Reaping. At least it is the one I have seen more.

My main problem with this poster is that it is way too dark. You can barely read the red print unless you are really close and in a very well lit room. And from a distance all details of the image get lost and you are looking at what seems like a not that well drawn cartoon. Not very effective.

The Reaping Poster A

I like this other poster better. At least you can make out the details and it looks like a live action movie. It also makes the participation of Hilary Swank more obvious.

On the other hand, the whole design isn’t particularly appealing, and the premise of the movies (ten plagues happening again) isn’t very well sold. And shouldn’t Hilary look a little more afraid?

There were some plague specific posters made (see here), but I haven’t seen many of those. I do like the ones I have seen tough, wish they had invested more in that strategy.

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