License to Wed Poster

License to Wed Poster

Look, it’s Mandy Moore! And some random dude playing her fiancee! And Robin Williams is lying in bed in between them! And he is dressed like a priest! Hahahahahhaha.

I mock because I’m ashamed that I actually might want to see this movie.

Some day Robin Williams will make a movie so bad I’ll stop liking him. God knows he has tried to make such movie many times. But for now I’m still inclined to want to see anything the guy does.

And the poster does convey the basic idea of the movie well (young couple must suffer in the hands of crazy priest before he allows them to get married). But I do wish they had used less white. I know it’s a convention with comedies, but it is one the should be less used.


2 thoughts on “License to Wed Poster”

  1. A detail of many movie posters has confused me for years. Is there a reason why they never line up the cast names at the bottom in line with how the actors are laid out on the poster? Is this merely a huge coincidence? It seems to happen a lot, and not just with comedies but action movies as well that have several big names.

  2. I think there are several reasons for this, and they will vary from poster to poster. But a big factor is probably that name placement in the marketing materials is often negotiated in the actors’ contracts.

    So, for example, Robin Williams might have a clause in his contract which says that his name must come before Mandy Moore’s name in any marketing material. However, the poster only works with Robin in the middle of the couple, so the cast names won’t line up with how the actors are positioned in the image.

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