The Invisible

The Invisible Poster

Using the rain to portray invisibility isn’t the most original visual idea out there. But it can work and look cool. I don’t think this poster is the best rendition of the concept, but it is a good enough one.

My main problem with the poster tough is that it is very generic. It tells you that the film is about an invisible man, but it doesn’t convey why this film is different than any other invisible man story. Sure, the movie’s premise is a little complicated, and thus hard to put in a poster. It involves a kid who is actually dying and whose ghost roams the earth, invisible to everybody. And it also involves the girl who attacked him and who is also invisible, but in a metaphorical way.

Like I said, a little complicated. But the poster really needed to convey at least a part of it in other to make the movie stand out from the crowd. As it is, I don’t think this poster will get many people more interested in the film.

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