Rise: Blood Hunter Poster

Rise: Blood Hunter Movie Poster

When I first heard about this vampire movie with Lucy Liu I was immediately worried. Something about it just sounded bad. But I kept my hopes up and decided to wait for the promotional material, expecting that it would do away with my worries.

Well, this poster is definitely not doing the trick.

A good movie poster should try to make you more interested in the film than you would be otherwise. But before it does that it must achieve the simple task of not making you less interested. I’m afraid this poster is not achieving that. It looks bad. It looks cheap. It looks like something that should go direct to video.

And the worst part is, it reinforces the prejudices that people might already have about the movie. Something about Lucy Liu playing a sexy vampire in a horror film just screams cheap exploitation movie from a formerly well known star. Does the poster do anything to dispel that image? No. It is exactly the kind of poster one would expect for that kind of movie. Ok, perhaps with less breast exposition than one would think.

Not looking good for Lucy. Which is too bad, I always liked her.



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