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[Edit: Bumped because the movie opens this week.]

Julliane Moore looks weird in this poster. Like she is about 15 years old. She looks very good normally, thank you very much, there was no need to make her look 30 years younger.

This is another black and blue poster, which seems to be a preferred color scheme of the gritty sci-fi thriller. And below the very large Nicolas Cage head we have a city that is apparently going up in flames. Which makes the film seem exciting and dangerous!

Or not.

The film is based on a Philip K. Dick story about a man who can see into the future. Now, there have been some great movies based on Dick’s work (Blade Runner) and there have been some awful movies based on Dick’s work (Paycheck). How much do you want to bet this will be one of the later?

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The Invisible

The Invisible Poster

Using the rain to portray invisibility isn’t the most original visual idea out there. But it can work and look cool. I don’t think this poster is the best rendition of the concept, but it is a good enough one.

My main problem with the poster tough is that it is very generic. It tells you that the film is about an invisible man, but it doesn’t convey why this film is different than any other invisible man story. Sure, the movie’s premise is a little complicated, and thus hard to put in a poster. It involves a kid who is actually dying and whose ghost roams the earth, invisible to everybody. And it also involves the girl who attacked him and who is also invisible, but in a metaphorical way.

Like I said, a little complicated. But the poster really needed to convey at least a part of it in other to make the movie stand out from the crowd. As it is, I don’t think this poster will get many people more interested in the film.

Kickin' It Old Skool Poster

Kickin’ It Old Skool Poster

You probably didn’t need any more clues that this movie was going to be bad beyond the “staring Jaime Kennedy” part. But if you did, I’m pretty sure the poster will put the final nail in the coffin.

Then again perhaps there are some people out there who find the idea of Jaime Kennedy playing a clueless white kid trying to look street smart hilarious. This poster probably works very well for these people.

I you really want to, you can find tons of character posters here.

Hairspray Poster

Hairspray Poster

It’s colorful! It’s got pics of everybody, showcasing that the film has a large cast of well known actors! It shows their hair, which is not only a clever visual pun but also shows that the movie doesn’t take itself too seriously! Am I excited? Not yet! But I do think it will work pretty well with the intended audience!

Ok, I’ll stop with the exclamation points now. But seriously, I think it’s a pretty good poster that conveys exactly what it wants to convey.


New Hostel Part II Poster

New Hostel Part II Poster

Well, this poster once again proves that Hostel Part II will be THE film to watch if you love seeing woman being tortured and murdered. A fun time at the theater!

I find it hard to judge objectively the Hostel posters because I hated the first part so much (and I say this as a long time horror fan). But let me try. The reason I don’t much like this poster is because it’s so damn gray. The first Hostel also had one gray poster, and I felt that one was the least effective of that group. The other posters, which generally used a lot of red and earthy tones, were much better. More raw, more intense. The gray gives the poster a dead look, it’s a much less powerful assault at your senses.

The other problem is that we basically are seeing a possibly naked woman upside down. It doesn’t really transmit that well the sense of distress and danger. Her face is obscured, so we can’t see and empathize with her expression either. Again, it’s the it seems dead thing. I’m sure it will work for some people, but it lacks the punch of the posters for the original.

Or at least that is what I think.

Vacancy Poster

Vacancy Movie Poster

I like the look of this poster. It’s a pretty straightforward interpretation of the title, but it looks good and is scary enough. I think the whole beaten up motel look has become tightly associated in our brains with “bad things” due to countless horror movies, and that help the poster be more effective in creeping us out.

But, the poster tells us very little about the movie, and why we would want to see it. That is a real problem. Perhaps a smart tagline could have made things better. Perhaps not. But as it stands I think this is a nice poster which just might be doing a bad job of selling the movie.