License to Wed Poster

License to Wed Poster

Look, it’s Mandy Moore! And some random dude playing her fiancee! And Robin Williams is lying in bed in between them! And he is dressed like a priest! Hahahahahhaha.

I mock because I’m ashamed that I actually might want to see this movie.

Some day Robin Williams will make a movie so bad I’ll stop liking him. God knows he has tried to make such movie many times. But for now I’m still inclined to want to see anything the guy does.

And the poster does convey the basic idea of the movie well (young couple must suffer in the hands of crazy priest before he allows them to get married). But I do wish they had used less white. I know it’s a convention with comedies, but it is one the should be less used.


In The Land of Women Poster

In the Land of Women Poster

I’m not sure how I feel about this poster. It does have a different aesthetic from the one found in most posters for romantic movies, with the whole black and blue coloring, and the passionate kiss that ends up hiding the faces of the two actors. And because of those elements the poster does catch my attention more than a typical poster would.

On the other hand, I’m afraid that the dark colors and the interaction of the actors might make this film look heavier and more dramatic than it actually is. As I understand it, this is a romantic comedy with some drama elements, so it’s on the lighter side. I think the poster might be misrepresenting the tone of the film.

I could be wrong about that though, since I haven’t actually seen the movie.


Fracture Movie Poster

This is a typical poster for a thriller. Dark, two floating heads, white and red letters. All very, very common for this type of film.

Fracture Movie Poster (2)

This second poster is a little different, and it caused some problems. Some people in Boston, including anti domestic violence groups, were upset with the poster and called for it to be taken down.

I find it hard to believe that a poster could lead to more violence because it says “I Shot My Wife”, but apparently these people feel differently.

Hot Fuzz Movie Poster

Hot Fuzz Movie Poster

Any resemblance of the poster above with the poster below is not a mere coincidence.

Bad Boys 2 Poster

Hot Fuzz comes from the creators of Shaun of the Dead. While that film played homage/parodied the zombie movie genre, this one does the same to the action film genre. And if the poster is any indication, they did a great job.

The influences for the poster are clear, and it does a good job of looking sillier than what you would expect from an actual action film. But at the same time it manages to maintain just enough seriousness not to become an out and out parody. It’s obvious that there is some love for the source material in here.

Love the poster, really looking forward to the movie.

Make a Poster for The Ex and Get a Prize!

The Ex Poster

What prize you ask? Well here you go:

The winner of the contest will have their poster prominently displayed at their hometown theater, gets a private screening of The Ex for them and 25 of his/her friends, a full-size print of their poster autographed by the cast, which includes Zach Braff, Amanda Peet and Jason Bateman, and a promotion for the poster on the film’s official website,

If your interested, go here, where you’ll have to put a bunch of identifying information in order to get a “content package” with photos and graphics you can use. Entries have to be posted by May 25th, 2007.

Hey, your poster can’t be much worse than the official one, right?

Slow Burn Poster

Slow Burn Poster

This is sort of a cool poster, practically just the flame with only a bit of the silhouette of the main players showing on the edges. But, the whole poster is just a little too dark for my taste. All the text outside the title is hard to read. A little brighter please.

My other problem with the poster is that it tells us exactly nothing about the movie. Honestly, I have no idea of what this movie is about. I couldn’t even guess the genre of the movie from the poster.

So yeah, cool looking, but not a very good poster overall.