Pathfinder Posters

Pathfinder Poster 1

When I was younger I used to love the Conan The Barbarian comic books. I especially liked looking at the covers for those books, which generally showed the ripped Conan fighting some new frightening menace.

This poster for Pathfinder reminds me a lot of those covers, and of the covers of the Conan books I went on to read when I was a little older. Perhaps because of that, I really like it. Not sure I would be willing to hang it up my wall. But that is mostly because I’m a little afraid other people might find it a little strange to see a poster like in the bedroom of a man my age. Gotta keep those walls looking mature and dignified!

Now, does it work as a promotion for the movie? I guess it could. But the thing is, this is the kind of poster that calls for an expensive and high profile movie behind it. And the rest of the film’s marketing makes clear that this is not an expensive and high profile movie. I think that this mismatch keeps the poster from adding much to the promotion of the film.

It’s still nice to look at tough. And the other poster is not bad either.

Pathfinder Poster 2


Disturbia Poster

Disturbia Poster

As it has been mentioned elsewhere, this poster is very reminiscent of Hitchcock’s Rear Window. As is, in fact, the whole premise of the movie. I don’t think that is such a good idea, from a marketing standpoint. People don’t want to go see something that seems like a cheap knock off of a great movie.

What the poster should try to do is sell why this movie is unique. Perhaps highlight that it’s set in the suburbs? Or some other distinctive element.

As it is now this looks like the poster for a movie you might watch on the DVD on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Not something you would go to the theaters to see.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Poster

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Poster

This new poster for Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer has been making the internet rounds, so I guess I should say something about it, right?

What I find most interesting about the poster is that it makes clear that the silver surfer is the biggest drawn of the new film and is going to be a major character, on par with any of the actual members of the FF. I like this strategy because, honestly, the first FF wasn’t very good. And I really need a good reason to think the new one will be better.

I’m not quite sold on the movie yet, but the SS does add an exciting component to the equation. Who knows, this film just might work.

Perfect Stranger Poster

Perfect Stranger Poster

I think I like this poster much more then I’m going to like the actual picture, which look like it’s going to be pretty bad.

Using the reflection of a menacing looking Bruce Willis is certainly more interesting than just having his floating head, and it is just subtle enough. The whole metallic look of the poster and having just a part of Halle Berry’s face showing also makes it stand out.

I do wish they had used something other than the typical red word/white word design for the title. That one is a little too over used, especially in this kinds of thrillers.

The Hoax Poster

The Hoax Poster

Do I like this poster? I do, at least in part. It puts Richard Gere front and center, and uses the clever talking balloon design to indicate that the movie is all about the Gere character talking and being slick. Considering the rest of the advertising, I think this is what they were trying to emphasize about the movie.

Now, Richard Gere talking isn’t a concept that is likely to get that many people into the theaters. But that is not the posters fault, it’s just that the movie lacks a broad, sellable premise. Which is no sin by the way. We have had way too many movies created on the basis of simple, four-quadrant hitting premises lately.