Robert Rodriguez, talking about how he came up with the woman with a machine gun leg idea:

I needed some sensational central image to help get across in a trailer and a poster. People have seen zombies. It needs some other hook. I’ve got the girl with no leg, then suddenly, I just pictured her firing a machine-gun leg. I thought, ‘Oh my God, that would be such a sexy, cool image, especially if it’s done really low-budget, where it’s not a “Terminator” fancy leg. It’s just a stump with an Ace bandage and a gun jammed in it.’

It is a powerful, memorable image. And for better or for worst it was the element most readily associated with Planet Terror, and perhaps with Grindhouse as a whole.

Considering the disappointing box office take of Grindhouse it just might have been for worst. But I still love it anyway.


The Weekend At The Boxoffice

Blades of Glory – $23,000,000
Blades of Glory Poster (Small)

Meet the Robinsons – $17,004,000
Meet the Robinsons Poster (Small)

Are We Done Yet? – $15,000,000
Are We Done yet Poster (Small)

Grindhouse – $11,591,000
Grindhouse Poster (Small)

The Reaping – $10,080,000
The Reaping Poster (Small)

300 – $8,825,000
300 Poster (Small)

Wild Hogs – $6,838,000
Wild Hogs Poster (Small)

Shooter – $5,800,000

Shooter Poster (Small)

TMNT – $4,935,000
TMNT Poster (Small)

Firehouse Dog – $4,000,000
Firehouse Dog Poster (Small)


Firehouse Dog Poster

Firehouse Dog Poster

There is something to be said for a movie poster that tells you exactly what the movie is going to be like. In this case, we have a dog dressed as a firefighter.

Now, do I like this poster? No. Would I want it hanging in my wall? Definitely no. But does it tell me that I should stay far away from this film? Hell yes. So, job well done!

You can see Firehouse Dog in a theater near you right now!

A Tale Of Two Reaping Posters

The Reaping Poster B (Big)

I think the above is the most used promotional poster for The Reaping. At least it is the one I have seen more.

My main problem with this poster is that it is way too dark. You can barely read the red print unless you are really close and in a very well lit room. And from a distance all details of the image get lost and you are looking at what seems like a not that well drawn cartoon. Not very effective.

The Reaping Poster A

I like this other poster better. At least you can make out the details and it looks like a live action movie. It also makes the participation of Hilary Swank more obvious.

On the other hand, the whole design isn’t particularly appealing, and the premise of the movies (ten plagues happening again) isn’t very well sold. And shouldn’t Hilary look a little more afraid?

There were some plague specific posters made (see here), but I haven’t seen many of those. I do like the ones I have seen tough, wish they had invested more in that strategy.

10 Grindhouse Posters

Matt Bradshaw over at Cinematical recently had a nice article listing his favorite grindhouse flicks. Me being me, I immediately thought “yeah, but what about the posters?” So consider this a companion piece to that article, as well as a way to get yourself in the right mood to see the new Tarantino/Rodriguez double feature coming our way this Friday.

The Street Fighter

The Streetfighter Poster

You might know Sonny Chiba as Hatori Hanzo, the master swords maker from Tarantino’s Kill Bill. But much before that, he was an action star in Japan. A very mean action star.

For example, in this one he plays a mercenary that tries to save a rich heiress from a gang of thugs. That is, he tries to save her after the gang fails to pay him enough money to kidnap her. Nice guy.

The poster itself goes for the drawn characters look, which was quite common at the time. You don’t see much of that anymore.

Continue reading 10 Grindhouse Posters

The Grindhouse Posters

Grindhouse Poster

Two great movies for the price of one! What more could you possibly want?

I love the Grindhouse posters. Very different from the clean, bright posters we are so used to seeing. And to my mind they capture the feel of the usual poster for a grindhouse flick, but still manage to look much better then any of the actual posters for those movies ever did. Believe me, I have been looking at a lot of those posters for a feature that should be up tomorrow. They are interesting. Mesmerizing even. But they were also cheap hack jobs, and it shows.

Grindhouse Flyer

Can’t you just see this one as an advertisement in some hidden inner pages of your local paper? Well, perhaps not nowadays.

Planet Terror Teaser 1Planet Terror Teaser

The yellow one is my favorite Grindhouse poster, the one I would want in my bedroom. The look on the actress’s face, the heavy, running, make up. And the mysterious syringe. Just perfect.

Death Proof Teaser

After having been involved in a car accident a few of months ago I have been a lot more sensitive to horror movies featuring cars. So I guess that is one good thing that came out of that.

But even you less sensitive people out there have to agree, that is one mean looking car, right?

Death Proof Solo PosterPlanet Terror Solo Poster

These two come courtesy of the wonderful FilmIck. Apparently, those are possible posters to be used in English speaking countries were the two films will be released separately. Yeah, that is right, separately. Yes, I think that’s crazy too, but what can I do?

Grindhouse opens this Friday, so get your wallets ready.