New Golden Compass Poster

Golden Compass Teaser Movie Poster

Oh, I really like this poster. It properly portrays a sense of wonder and of fantasy, and hints at a possibly epic scope. And it has a giant bear, which is cool.

My only worry is that the poster might be a little too reminiscent of the Narnia film. The book this movie is based on is popular, but not on the same level as the Narnia, LotR or Potter books. I wouldn’t be surprised if some people who do not know the book confused this for a sequel to The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

Then again, considering how much money LWW made, this could be seen as a plus by the marketing department.

The Golden Compass is one of the films I am cautiously looking forward too. The director, Chris Weitz, has absolutely no track record with this kind of film (you probably know him as one of the directors of About a Boy). So it’s hard to tell what the movie is going to be like. It could be another great fantasy adventure, like the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings films, or it could be an complete mess.

This poster is, of course, not enough to give us a clear picture of what the movie is going to be like. But is a sign in the right direction.



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