My 14 Favorite Superhero Movie Posters

Spider-Man has been ruling the movie world these last few days. So, what better time than now to make a list of my favorite posters from superhero movies?

Here is what I came up with:

#14 – Blade Trinity

Blade Trinity

Blade trinity was the weakest of the Blade movies, but at least it had the coolest posters of the series.

#13 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Poster

On hindsight, the best quality of this poster is that it hides just how silly looking the live action turtles turned out to be. But to my young self, seeing the turtles peek from the sewer was enough to get really excited.

#12 – Hellboy

Hellboy Poster

All of the Hellboy posters are cool and well done, and they all manage to depict in an interesting way a character most people know nothing about. Also, each of them employs a different style, which is nice.

#11 – The Crow

Crow Movie Poster

Definitely on the darker side of superhero posters, but dark is good sometimes.

I like how understated this poster is, and how they leave most of it black, using the white beam of light to highlight the small illustration of the main character. A very different approach, but an effective one.

#10 – The Mask

The Mask Poster

The perfect image for this character. Tells you exactly what too expect.

#8 – Hulk

Hulk Poster

Hulk is green. Hulk is shiny. Hulk is going to grab you and squeeze the life out of you.

Much like the movie, this poster is perhaps a little too serious for its own good. But it is still a cool depiction of the character.

#8 – Constantine

Constantine Movie Poster

This whole poster just works for me. Keanu looks cool, the atmosphere is appropriately dark, and the title takes just about the right amount of visual space. But I think what seals the deal for me is the cross shaped machinegun. That gives you a good idea of the kind of film this is.

#7 – The Shadow

The Shadow

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Well, The Shadow does, of course.

I’m a sucker for a well done vintage look, and this smooth poster takes you straight to the old times, when The Shadow was still all the rage.

#6 – The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Sure, this poster derives much of its effectiveness from Sean Connery, who still has a great presence after all those years. But the whole leathery look enhances that presence substantively.

The bad the film wasn’t nearly as good as the posters for it.

#5 – Howard The Duck

Howard The Duck Movie Poster

I’m sure I’m going to get some crap for this one. But put your feelings about the movie aside for a moment. It’s a duck coming out of an egg and smoking a cigar! See, he is all human like, but he is a duck! Funny, right?

Ok, not everybody’s cup of tea. But it still works for me.

#4 – Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon Poster

“Pathetic earthlings… who can save you now?” Flash – a-ah – he’ll save everyone of us.

I love this poster’s retro sci-fi look. A bit over the top, but so was Flash Gordon, so it fits.

#3 – Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 Movie Poster

The posters for all of the Spider-Man movies have been pretty consistent, and I could really have chosen any one of them to be here.

I went with this one because I love for the black costume story, and this is my favorite of the black costume posters. Somewhat darker than most of the Spidey posters tough.

#1 – TIE – Batman and Superman Returns

Batman Movie PosterSuperman Returns Poster

Sometimes simple is better. With these two characters, just showing their iconic signs is enough to get me (and a lot of other people) excited about the prospect of seeing them on the big screen.

Superman Returns turned out to be a very so, so film, but I still love the poster which very succinctly announced that he would return. Batman is a childhood favorite, and seeing that poster still gives me goose bumps. Good times.

Feel free to use the comments to tell me what a tasteless idiot I am. Or, you can just e-mail me.

5 thoughts on “My 14 Favorite Superhero Movie Posters”

  1. My Favorites:

    15) The Crow. What you said.

    14) Blade Trinity. All of the character sheets, final poster was really flowing and had a lightly distressed canvas look.

    13) Superman Returns: Not a huge lover of the “S” teaser, but liked most of the posters where Superman flew around the Daily Planet and such.

    12) Batman /Batman Returns: Remember the Batman Icon with the snow in it? I liked that a lot. I liked the sttand alone poster of Catwoman too. I didn’t like the heads stacked up on each other.

    11) The Hulk: I loved that poster too. I’m glad I bought a print and it also remains on the Danny Elfman CD cover. I rank it here because the teaser was Hulk’s hand, and then the charge down San Francisco. Not a huge ad campaign, nothing really grabbing me. It’s fine though…and then…blasphemy! The DVD cover had a horrid rendering/re-interpetation of that poster. Gawd, it was terrible.

    10) Batman Forever: The final poster has a nice flow to it. Take these characters on thier respected one sheets and only Batman and Chase Meridan impress, the latter only so because it was Nicole Kidman.

    9) Elektra: The ‘Daredevil’ spinoff film sucked butt with straws; but I loved some of the early promotional posters and sort of wished they stuck with them. Theere was this one where The Hand Villains ‘surrounded’ Elektra. That’s my personal favorite.

    8) V For Vendetta : Echos of German expressionism from the late 40’s. Nice campaign.

    7) X Men United/X2: Loved the various characters in “X”; but the group poster with them walking…outstanding.

    6) Howard The Duck : No, you are not insane. The Egg poster was great, as was Howard with the magazine. Very good camapign. Problem was that although this film has achieved cult status, the film was a huge bomb in 86, and thus gave Marvel’s duck a movie connection f dismay (I’m actually hoping for a remake one day)

    5) Sin City. No reason given. No reason to.

    4) Superman/Superman II : Not just the “S”. But the best tagline that has yet to be topped “You’ll believe that a man can fly”. The second film had Chris Reeve Superman looking serious and flying at you.

    3) The Rocketeer : The original Art Deco style. You know which one I mean.

    2) Spider-Man : The recent “3” film- and poster campaign has slightly disappointed me. I don’t mind it, but oddly, is it just co-incidence that *no* villain posters were made, and there wasn’t enough Sandman let alone Venom, n the film? Still, I loved Spidey 2’s poster line.

    1) The Punisher : when Lion’s Gate took over Artisan, all we had was the Punisher Skull with the blood splattered background and then Tom Jane on a wet street, his shadow forming a skull. After LGF you know what happened to the “new” ad campaign. How could you even leave out the Tim Bradstreet series?

  2. I completely forgot that the new Punisher movie existed when I was preparing the post. You are right, those were great posters.

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  4. The Batman Returns teaser poster, with just the black bat head cropped at the bottom of the poster, set against a white background. Stark, simple, clean, effective
    and straight to the point. Beautiful design.

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