Delta Farce Posters

Delta Farce Movie Poster 1

When you are making a movie that is, to some extent, a parody of war movies, picking a famous war movie poster and having some fun with it is a good way to create a memorable and attention grabbing new poster. But although I like the concept, I don’t think this poster goes far enough. It is still too similar to the original full metal jacket poster. Of course, the original is pretty lean, so there isn’t that much you can do with it. But they should have tried harder anyway.

Delta Farce Movie Poster 2

This second poster, on the other hand, is pretty blah. A lot of space dedicated to the sky and to little white letters. And again, not funny or playful enough. But it does show the actors. I’m guessing some people will be interested in the film because it has Larry The Cable Guy.

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