Descent Poster

Descent Movie Poster

Descent is a movie that recently played in the Tribeca film festival. It follows the story of a woman who is raped and then seeks revenge. Bloddy revenge. I’m guessing you know the type of movie.

But, do you get any of that from the poster? Do you get the sense that this is a woman who has undergone a deeply traumatic event? Someone who is likely to be filled with hate? I’m not, at least not clearly. As a matter of act, I think that if you added a funny tagline to the poster you could pass it off as a poster for a comedy.

In recent years film like Saw and the first Hostel have done a very good job of attracting an audience using very gory marketing material. Although I appreciate what they have done, it’s been aped to death, so I would love to see some horror posters taking a more subtle route. But I think this one goes too far in that direction. It lacks any element to make it unique and to make it stand out.

I kind of see what they were trying to do with it, hinting at the psychological scars instead of showing any actual scar, but the end result is generic and unremarkable. Too bad.



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