The Dark is Rising Poster

The Dark is Rising

I like the way this poster looks.The whole flare effect is well done and interesting to look at. But, it tells me exactly nothing about the movie. Add to that a title that is itself enigmatic and you have a poster that is likely to leave people scratching their heads.

Even in a teaser poster you still have to give people something to connect too. A theme, a character, a story, a mood, an iconic image. That is what will make the poster memorable. That is what will make people go to the Internet and look the movie up. That is what is going to make them excited about the film.

If you just give people a cool image with no context, they will perhaps notice and stop to look at it. But they won’t remember it the next day. And they won’t form any kind of emotional bond with the film.



Good Luck Chuck Posters

Good Luck Chuck Poster 1
Good Luck Chuck Poster 2

I think I hate Dane Cook. Well, perhaps hate is too strong a word, but I find him completely unfunny. I say this not to be mean, but only because I think my feelings about him might be affecting my feelings about these posters.

There is a part of my brain that thinks that those posters are good, different and memorable. But the rest of me is having a deep physical reaction that can be best represented by the word “blah”. Honestly, the whole underwear aesthetics of these things leaves me deeply underwhelmed. And Cook’s expression seems oh so smug. I hate it.

That said, Jessica Alba still looks good, even in a silly poster and holding a melting ice cream. I guess that counts for something, for some people at least.

Good Luck Chuck Poster 3


Sicko Posters

Sicko Poster 1

Whatever you think about Michael Moore and his movies, one has to admit that the marketing materials for them have been excellent. And these posters for Sicko are no different.

The general design is one that we have seen before in the Fahrenheit 9/11 poster: Michael Moore + some comic elements + clear references to a controversial topic. I think that the poster below is a little funnier, however, the one above is more iconic and memorable. But they both probably do a great job of getting the core audience for the movie excited about it.

Preaching to the converted? Maybe, but it will sell tickets.


Sicko Poster 2

Final Stardust Poster

Final Stardust Poster

Slashfilm has the final Stardust movie poster, and it is, well, ok, but not great. You have the two main characters at the center, brightly illuminated by some sort of star/sun. Then you have several of the other characters floating around in the edges. The over all effect is nice, but a little dull.

What a fantasy movie like this needs is a poster that communicates the wonders that the audience will experience in the film. The trailer does a decent job of that, but the poster itself is mostly focused on showing all the stars who are in the movie.

1408 Movie Poster

1408 Movie Poster

It’s surprising how much of a difference context makes. If you took the above room photo by itself you would see nothing strange in it. Just an ordinary photo of a room. But add the context of it being a poster for a horror movie based on a Stephen King story and suddenly you see monsters creeping in the shadows just outside the frame.

Still, I think this poster is a little too subtle. It might have benefited from some creepy elements in the room itself we could latch too. Doesn’t need to be nothing major. And not knowing the story the film is based on I’m not sure what would be appropriate. But I’m sure they could come up with something that made the room feel a little off by itself, without any need for a larger context.

Mutant Chronicles

Mutant Chronicles Poster 2

think that, as far as teaser posters go, the one above is pretty good. You can’t see any character detail, but it sets up the dark atmosphere and shows clearly enough that they are ready to fight.

But, I really like the previous teaser poster for this film much more.

Mutant Chronicles Poster (Big)

This one sends chills through my spine. The helmet pierced by the, well, thing, conveys a sense of deep darkness and of raging war in a way that the new poster can’t approach. It’s also a much more memorable and iconic image. I hate the look of the title, but it’s an otherwise a very powerful poster.

The Game Plan Poster

The Game Plan Poster

Oh. My. God. It’s the rock. And a little kid dressed as a ballerina. And a dog wearing a tiara. Oh. My God.

Ok, I’m over the shock. This is actually a pretty standard Disney poster. The movie everyone is immediately reminded of is Vin Diesel’s The Pacifier, and with good reason.

The Pacifier Movie Poster

The two are cut from the same cloth.

Now, I don’t like either of the two posters. At all. But I’m not the target audience, and Disney has proven that it can sell the hell out of these movies. The Pacifier earned $113 million dollars, for heaven’s sake. So I’m going, for now, to trust their judgement that this is the best way to make people come to the theater to see The Game Plan.

Not sure what this means for The Rock’s career tough.