30 Days of Night Movie Poster

30 Days of Night Movie Poster

I guess this is a nice poster, but I don’t know, I think I was expecting something different from this movie. Something that played with the movie’s premise (vampires in Alaska!) and that managed to showcase the pedigree of the source material.

As it is, this is a good execution of a poster for a very bloody vampire movie. And as that, it’s sure to get the gore hounds riled up. Being a bit of a gore hound myself, I appreciate this. But the poster could be used for pretty much any vampire movie, as it doesn’t really indicate anything distinctive about this film in particular.

I also get the feeling that this is one movie that could have the necessary qualities to reach an audience beyond the core horror lovers. But I don’t think the poster is really selling the film to this broader audience. Maybe the next poster will try to do that?


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