Sunshine Movie Poster

Sunshine Movie Poster
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This new poster for Sunshine is, much like the old posters, excellent.

For me, the idea of a dying sun that still holds the incredible power of giving life or killing us mere mortals is at the center of the appeal of Sunshine. And this poster does a good job of turning that idea into a memorable and catchy image. I was unsure about the sun drenched face of Cillian Murphy at first, but after a while I started liking it quite a bit. It adds the necessary human element to the image.

The poster is also pretty consistent with the kind of imagery we see in the actual film, which I think is a good thing.

One thing I don’t like is the way the critics’ quotes were included. Maybe the actual poster will be different, but they are almost unreadable in the computer screen. I guess the idea is that you’re only able to make out a few key words (“Extraordinary”, “Visceral”) and that is enough to make an impression. But I don’t think it works very well.

And if I may step out of my role as a poster critic for a minute, let me say that I got to watch Sunshine a while ago, and although the movie has some serious problems, especially in the third act, it has enough great moments to make it the best film I have seen so far this year. I highly suggest that you people try to catch it when it opens on July 20th. And let me know what you thought.


One thought on “Sunshine Movie Poster”

  1. It looks like (a) something you’d see on a mylar balloon at Party Place, and (b) the image of Peter Lorre’s face on the poster for “M”– neither of which, I’m sure, were what the “Sunshine” people were thinking when they designed this. Baaaaad poster.

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