New Good Luck Chuck Poster

New Good Luck Chuck Poster

Cinematical has the first look at this new Good Luck Chuck poster. As Kevin Polowy points out over there, the poster is based on a very famous photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono which ran in the cover of Rolling Stone in 1981. Here is the photo, in case you were wondering.

Ok, fine. But I’m guessing that this movie will be mostly appealing to younger people, who might not get the reference. And if you don’t get the reference this is just a poster of a half naked Dane Cooke hugging an apparently highly doped and fully clothed Jessica Alba. Which is just wrong on so many levels.

And if you get the reference? Well then it’s a not a very clever play off a beloved cultural reference. Perhaps enough to get your attention, but probably not enough to get you to see the movie.

And doesn’t the film’s storyline involve Dane Cooke trying not to have sex with Jessica Alba because he is afraid of a curse of some sort? The poster doesn’t seem to reference the movie’s premise at all. Or am I missing some subtle element?

As you might remember, I didn’t much like the previous Good Luck Chuck posters either. I generally think that Lionsgate’s marketing department does a great job with their film’s posters. But this one seems like an exception.


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