The Brave One Poster

the Brave One Poster

Via thehotblog (and many other places) we have the new poster for Neil Jordan’s The Brave One, starring the one an only Jodie Foster. That team right there is enough to get me excited about this movie.

I like the poster, but don’t love it. The image of Jodie Foster looking distraught and holding a gun is great, and it harkens back to the movie’s story, which has Foster’s character acting as a vigilante after her fiancee gets killed. I also like how the poster’s text is aligned to the right, allowing the image of Foster to fill the left side mostly by itself. And the tagline isn’t terribly original, but it’s solid.

But the whole yellow and grainy look isn’t doing it for me. I guess it’s supposed to give the poster a more gritty and real look, but it mostly reminds me of the opening of Law and Order. I think it makes the poster look a little duller than it has too, and it softens the emotional impact that the image of Foster would have otherwise.

The Brave One opens September 14th.


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