Evening Movie Poster

Evening Movie Poster

This is a beautiful poster. The gorgeous sunset lighting, the amazing sky and the luscious landscape all work together to form a wonderful image. I would love to have this hanging on a wall in my house.

And yet, and don’t much like it.

My problem is that the poster doesn’t seem to give any hints about what the film’s story is. The movie’s main theme is the love between mother and daughter, and the story involves secret loves buried in the past. Is that represented in any way by the poster? Not as far as I can tell.

And although I understand he urge to list as many people as possible from the great cast, I think the poster also goes a bit overboard on the amount of space it devotes to to listing the cast names.

Still, a beautiful image. Works very well as a book cover. I just don’t think it works as a movie poster.

Evening opens this Friday, June 29th.

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