Into The Wild Poster

Into The Wild Poster

It’s funny how we associate certain images with an idea. For me an image of a beat down bus is intrinsically associated with a white guy going into a journey of self discovery in some foreign country. Probably one in Africa. I guess I got that from countless movies which follow that premise and feature a scene of the character coming to contact with the local culture by taking a trip in an old bus.

Perhaps because of that association I think this poster does a great job of telling us about the movie’s premise. In this case the character is taking a trip to Alaska, not to Africa, but I think it still works. The title is probably enough to clear any lingering doubts.

Beyond that, it’s a good looking and charming poster for what will hopefully be a worthwhile film.


4 thoughts on “Into The Wild Poster”

  1. this is an incredible movie and emile hirsch is amazing. also the music by eddie vedder is really beautiful. this is a must see film. also it did a great job of following the true story as told by the book.

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