Margot At The Wedding Poster

Margot At The Wedding Poster

I think I love this poster.

What makes it stand out for me is that it doesn’t try too hard to call your attention. There is a lot of white space. The colors are mostly muted and washed out, with the exception of a little dash of pink. And the (very big) actors only occupy a small portion of the image, are not facing you and, in the case of Jack Black, are even a little out of focus. All of these amounts to a very clean, very classy image.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a good poster for a summer blockbuster. But it’s important to now your audience and cater to it. The movie is probably gonna be most interesting for people who like serious, even if still very funny, relationship dramas. And I think the poster is going to speak to these people. It’s going to say that this is a smart, subtle movie, with big stars who are looking to give a solid performance and not to show off. And I think the intended audience will find this very appealing.

This is one of my favorite movie posters so far this year. I guess sometimes less really is more.


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