Evan Almighty Posters

Evan Almight Posters 1

The posters for Evan Almighty have been pretty consistent. Show Evan. Show the animals. Show the ark. Make the whole thing colorful and use a nice blue sky as background. They even went with the blue sky background in the poster where it’s raining.

The one thing that is really different between the poster above and the ones below is the use of prophet Evan instead of suit Evan. Personally, I prefer prophet Evan, as it fits better with the whole image. But I understand that with suit Evan they are going for comedy through contrast, and I think it works pretty well also.

The poster above also places the movie in Washington, something that the posters below don’t. I’m not sure that the location will be much of a drawn with this movie, so it’s not a big difference.

The posters will probably work well with the movie’s likely audience. Seeing Steve Carell deal with a bunch of animals is the main attraction of the film, and the posters do a very decent job of highlighting this aspect and making it seem appealing. As a matter of fact, they even manage to get me curious about seeing the movie, even tough I’m pretty sure it won’t be very good.

Evan Almighty opens this Friday, June 22th.

Evan Almight Posters 3Evan Almight Posters 2


Two New The Bourne Ultimatum Posters

The Bourne Ultimatum Poster

IMPAwards has a couple of new The Bourne Ultimatum posters. These are a lot darker than what we have seen so far for this movie or for the last two movies in the series. And I don’t just mean the lighting and the use of black and white. The expression and the tag lines also seem to point to a movie that will have a heavier atmosphere than the ones that came before.

The funny thing is, none of the other marketing materials we have seen so far indicate a change in the tone of the series. So I wonder if this was just a one off attempt to make the third movie seem different and more appealing. I guess we’ll see.

The Bourne Ultimatum Poster

New Transformers Poster

Transformers Poster

Aint It Cool News brings us this new Transformers poster. And they really like it over there. In fact, a lot of sites had really positive reactions to this poster. I guess that makes the poster a success.

I myself am more mixed onit. The interaction of the layers (background, Optimus, Shia and Megan) seems kind of wrong to me. A little fake even. And the sun setting lightning they are using ends up hiding much of the details of Optimus. Which might be the point, but it still detracts from the overall appearance of the poster.

On the plus side, we do get to see a full body Optimus Prime, who seems like he has been through some pretty intense fighting. And that is pretty cool. But I still like the older Transformers posters better.

D-War Posters

D-War Poster 1

TwitchFilm points out these two posters for Korean monster movie D-War. That stands for dragon war, in case you were wondering.

Do I like these posters? Yes, very much. Sure they are kind of silly in a way. But this is a movie that has a giant serpent attacking L.A. The posters have to be a little silly.

My inner child can’t help but to smile while looking at those images. Looks like over the top fun. Let’s hope that is also how the movie plays it.

Of course, I was all pumped up about Godzilla (the American version) before I actually saw the movie. So take my enthusiasm about the posters with a grain of salt.

D-War Poster 2


The King of Kong Poster

The King of Kong Poster

I kind of like this poster. It manages to transmit that “good old times” feeling, it’s splashy, and it introduces the main players and the story succinctly. It makes the film look as exciting as you could possibly make a documentary about two guy fighting for the top score in Donkey Kong look.

I do wonder why they don’t use any visual elements from the actual game in it. Due to rights complications perhaps? I imagine that is one thing that could have made the poster more attractive, at least to those of us old enough to be nostalgic for the classic Donkey Kong.


Sunshine Movie Poster

Sunshine Movie Poster
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This new poster for Sunshine is, much like the old posters, excellent.

For me, the idea of a dying sun that still holds the incredible power of giving life or killing us mere mortals is at the center of the appeal of Sunshine. And this poster does a good job of turning that idea into a memorable and catchy image. I was unsure about the sun drenched face of Cillian Murphy at first, but after a while I started liking it quite a bit. It adds the necessary human element to the image.

The poster is also pretty consistent with the kind of imagery we see in the actual film, which I think is a good thing.

One thing I don’t like is the way the critics’ quotes were included. Maybe the actual poster will be different, but they are almost unreadable in the computer screen. I guess the idea is that you’re only able to make out a few key words (“Extraordinary”, “Visceral”) and that is enough to make an impression. But I don’t think it works very well.

And if I may step out of my role as a poster critic for a minute, let me say that I got to watch Sunshine a while ago, and although the movie has some serious problems, especially in the third act, it has enough great moments to make it the best film I have seen so far this year. I highly suggest that you people try to catch it when it opens on July 20th. And let me know what you thought.

Nancy Drew Movie Poster

Nancy Drew Movie Poster

Well, this film is opening next Friday, so I guess I should say something about it. Not sure what tough, I’m so not the intended audience for this film it’s not even funny.

It’s certainly a slick looking poster, and a nice showcases for the star, which might appeal to the pre-teen girl demographic. It does have a very outdated feel tough, as if it was something out of the 50’s. I wish there were some modern elements in there to spice it up.

Then again this outdated feel might be exactly what Nancy Drew is all about. I have no idea.