Shoot Em' Up Character Posters

Shoot Em’ Up Character Posters (Paul Giammatti)

Via Latino Review, here are the new character posters for Shoot Em’ Up.

They are very simple, each showcasing one of the main characters looking cool and standing against a faded background. But I think they work very well, because the characters do indeed look very cool, and the movie’s title coupled with the guns is enough to give us an idea of what the film is all about.

Each poster also has a little tagline associated with each character (click the poster to see a larger version where they are readable). They are quite amusing and add to the sense of whimsy that is also a bit present in the way the characters look. This tells us that although the movie might be serious, it also has a sense of humor.

And finally, I just love how mean Giamatti looks in his poster. Now that is a villainous face.

Shoot Em’ Up Character Posters (Clive Owen)
Shoot Em’ Up Character Posters (Monica Bellucci)


One thought on “Shoot Em' Up Character Posters”

  1. There are no words to describe that Belucci poster.

    Giamatti is the greatest actor working today and it makes me giddy to know he’s going to play a bad-ass villain. Can’t WAIT!

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