The Invasion Poster

The Invasion Poster

I don’t really like this poster. It does manages to remind people that the film stars Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman. And I do like how Craig’s blue eyes stand out and the general expression on Kidman’s face. But overall the poster fails to make the movie look more interesting.

I guess the intent here was to transmit a sense of creepiness and perhaps a little paranoia. After all, these are the some of the main elements that made the earlier Invasion of the Body Snatchers films so interesting. But there is a fine line between creepy and just weird, and I think this one mostly falls on the just weird side. Again, Kidman’s expression works, but the rest doesn’t. And the red hue used in the poster doesn’t do much beyond making it look ugly.

I really liked the teaser poster for The Invasion, and was hoping that the main poster was going to be equally good, but no such luck.

(via Cinematical)

3 thoughts on “The Invasion Poster”

  1. The red just makes it look like they screwed up on the color correction. Working in the photos industry, I can honestly say that this poster is just annoying.

    Though I’m looking forward to the movie.

  2. “…makes it look like they screwed up on the color correction.”

    You are right, that is what it looks like. I have to guess they didn’t tough, and that this was the look they were going for. Weird choice.

  3. I agree on the color, although they could have went for a darker red?
    In addition- I, too, liked the teaser poster a whole lot better.

    Just as well. I still will see the film, but I do have some doubts due to the troubled production.

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