And Now, for Something a Little Darker…

100 Tears Poster

Here are two poster for two different upcoming horror films. Above we have a poster for 100 Tears, found via IMPAwards. Below, an international poster for Catacombs, via WorstPreviews.

The poster for 100 tears takes a more in your face approach to the gore. And it is, in my opinion, quite creepy. But, it uses a murderous clown, which I consider to be cheating. I mean, anybody can make a creepy image using a clown!

The poster for catacombs on the other hand is firmly placed in the woman in peril genre. And this particular woman seem to be trapped in what I’m (widely) guessing is a Catacomb. Not bad, but in other to stand out from the crowd I think they are going to have to be a little more creative with this one. And by more creative I do not mean more raunchy or more gory, at least not necessarily.

And please, let’s not have another Captivity like brouhaha. That kind of stuff gets old fast.

International Catacombs Poster


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