The Third D-War Poster

Third D-War Poster (Big)

TwitchFilm alerts us to the third poster for the Korean monster movie D-War. And I find that this poster, much like the previous ones, is very cool.

I think that my fascination with these posters has a lot to do with the fact that I have always liked giant monster movies, and have always been afraid of snakes. So a movie with a giant snake just hits home for me.

But I also think that the posters were themselves very well done. They manage to transmit the power of the monster by setting it against the city in a way that gives us a good idea of it’s impressive size. The latest poster also adds a couple of people, which again highlights the monsters size and power, and also makes it’s menace more immediate. The posters also use a gray tone and always feature cloudy skies, which I think properly sets a darker, but not too dark, mood.

And it features a giant snake! Come on, you have to love that!


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