Five Fred Claus Posters

Fred Claus Poster 1

In theory the idea of Vince Vaughn playing the black sheep of the Claus family sounds hilarious. But these posters aren’t doing much to sell what should be an extremely easy to sell movie. As a matter of fact, all the elf action is making the film seem quite silly. And not in the good way.

And Vince Vaughn, who should be the main draw, is being seriously misused. His expression in both posters he appears is quite bland. It’s like Vaughn has been replaced with a more boring version of himself. And the interaction between Vaughn and the elf in the poster above seems very fake, as if it was an image put together in Photoshop. Which it most likely is, but it shouldn’t look that way.

You can check the rest of the posters after the jump. Hopefully the picture is a lot better than the posters.

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Fred Claus Poster 5

Fred Claus Poster 4
Fred Claus Poster 3
Fred Claus Poster 2

3 thoughts on “Five Fred Claus Posters”

  1. So thanks for ruining my day. This was one of my most anticipated movies of the year; what with Giamatti as Claus and all.

    But these posters are TERRIBLE! Stupid tag lines, NOT funny and very elf heavy. We need more Giamatti and more Vaughn looking like he gives a damn.

    This marketing makes it look like the movie will be sort of Tim Allen-ish. I’m not happy.

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