The Golden Compass Poster

Via Cinematical we have the new poster for The Golden Compass, and four new character posters which are basically blown up versions of parts of the main poster.

The main poster really has a little something for everybody. We have Daniel Craig for the Bond fans and for the ladies. We have Kidman for the Kidman fans and for the crowd that tends to like some more serious movies. We have a girl in the back of a bear for the kids. And we have several fantasy elements for the people who liked Lord of the Rings and Narnia.

And yet, I’m not blown away by the poster. All of these elements are nice by themselves, but in isolation aren’t exactly awe inspiring. And the way the poster puts them together doesn’t make them amount to anything more than they already amount to in separation.

I have not seen anything from this movie so far that makes me think that it will be something impressive that simply must be seen. Narnia, Potter and LotR upped the ante significantly for Fantasy films. And The Golden Compass doesn’t have the advantage of a huge amount of book fans that will drive the movie to success no matter what. So, unless they can come up with some more impressive marketing material, I’m afraid the movie might under perform.

Of course, if the film turns out to be really great the marketing won’t matter so much. But if that is the case, they really should be able to come up with more interesting trailers and posters.

The Golden Compass Poster - Nicole Kidman
The Golden Compass Poster - Daniel Craig
The Golden Compass Poster - Eva Green
The Golden Compass Poster - Dakota Blue


3 thoughts on “The Golden Compass Poster”

  1. I also hate these posters…I’m so sick of posters where celebrities fill the frame and tell us nothing at all about the movie. I miss original poster design…where a poster can sell a movie based upon its own merits and not the casting of the film. Look at the Jaws poster and ask yourself why that image is so famously iconic. I imagine 25 years from now there wont be compass-based films in which Nicole Kidman lookalikes with blimps flying at their heads are an overused cliche.

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