Jaws Poster

Jaws Poster

Things are a little slow in the new posters front today, so instead of commenting on a poster I don’t have much interest in, I decided to revisit one of my all time favorites.

What I find funny about this poster is that Jaws, the movie, is famous for hiding the shark throughout most of the film. Meanwhile, here we have the poster, and it gives us a good look at the shark, including its infamous jaws, and even makes it a focal point of the whole image.

Two very different approaches, and they both work tremendously. After all, Jaws was a major blockbuster in its time, and it remains a classic. Meanwhile, the poster is one of the best well known and most beloved posters in film history. Pretty much anybody can recognize that image, even people who haven’t ever seen the film.

And the poster is not only very memorable by itself, it also does a great job of selling the movie. I remember seeing that image as a kid, a while before seeing the movie. It was enough to give me quite a few nightmares, but it also fascinated me, because it did such a good job of portraying the basic premise of the movie, and the reason why that premise was so scary. One poor swimmer, completely unaware of the danger her life is in. Poor thing. I immediately feared for her, and I also wanted very much to know what happened next. Did she manage to escape somehow? Or did the shark get her?

Just an amazing poster.


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