Dedication Poster

Dedication Poster

When I first saw this poster I was immediately reminded of the poster for The Squid and the Whale, for what I think are fairly obvious reasons.

The Squid and the Whale Poster

Despite the similarities I think that the poster for The Squid and the Whale is much better. It’s sharper and has a cleaner look. It also does a better job of getting us interested in the interaction between the characters.

The main characters in Dedication are a kid’s book writer and his illustrator. So the use of drawings make sense. But the drawings themselves don’t actually seem to tell us anything about the movie, so the main effect of their use is to give the image a more unique and cutesy look, which seems like a lost opportunity.

Beyond that we have a picture of the two characters sitting together. Their positioning, clothes and interaction scream indie rom-com to me, for some reason. I would have preferred to see a picture that made the relationship between the two characters seem more interesting and that tried to differentiate it from the thousands of other rom-coms out there, but this is not a particularly bad picture.



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