Gone Baby Gone Poster

Gone Baby Gone Poster

There are two main elements to this poster. The first is the city, represented by the skyline. I’m guessing that people how know Boston will find it easily recognizable, but I don’t know Boston so I could very well be wrong. Still, it gives us a good feeling of the place where the movie takes place.

The second element is Casey Affleck, hunched over, holding a gun close to his body and with his back to us. He seems distraught, as if he is carrying a huge weight in his shoulder.

The poster reinforces the impression that I got from the trailer that Casey Affleck’s character was going to be truly central to the movie. The fact the he is the only one that appears in the poster, even tough there are other supporting actors that are more famous than him, is quite surprising. As is the fact that his brother Ben, who directed and wrote the flick, doesn’t get his name more prominently placed in the poster. Apparently all that weight in Casey’s shoulders comes from not only having to carry the movie, but also the movie’s marketing.


One thought on “Gone Baby Gone Poster”

  1. i really love this poster. the colors used are beautiful as well.

    i’ve added your site as a link on my film blog. let me know if you have any problems or want me to take it down. thank you.

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