I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry Poster

I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry Poster

When it comes to movie marketing, selling an Adam Sandler movie has to be one of the easiest gigs possible. The guy has a very consistent and pretty large following, which sees pretty much all of his movies as long as they look like typical Adam Sandler fare. And many of the films he makes have a clear marketing hook. Adam sandler has a remote control … for life! Adam Sandler plays football … in prison! Adam Sandler gets married … to another dude!

In this movie the marketing people also had Kevin James to play with. Although he is nowhere near as famous as Sandler, I imagine he has managed to gather a few fans through his television work and his turn in Hitch. Beyond that the guy looks funny, which helps the posters.

The posters for I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry follow a pretty simple design. James, looking happy, carrying Sandler, who looks annoyed. Not especially creative , but it gets the point across clearly and probably sells the movie very well for it’s intended audience.

One interesting choice they made is not showing Jessica Biel. She is certainly another asset for the movie’s marketing, but I think not showing her in the poster was wise. Adding a third character would cut against the simplicity of the poster and would make transmitting clearly the movie’s premise harder. And I don’t think she would add enough appeal to offset these problems.


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