The Darjeeling Limited Poster

The Darjeeling Limited Poster

Like Chris from Movie Marketing Madness says, the title font in this poster closely resembles the one used in Wes Anderson’s previous film, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou , which I find really cool. Wouldn’t it be nice if they kept doing this for every Wes Anderson film? Then you could say, “Yes, that is a Wes Anderson film, I can tell by title’s font.” How cool would that be?

Ok, perhaps not THAT cool.

But the title’s font is not the only good thing about this poster. The poster’s background properly conveys that the movie will take place in India and gives the image a distinctive visual identity. I also like how all the text is at the top, allowing the three characters to stand alone at the bottom, serving as the main focal point in the poster. And the characters themselves look weird enough to make you wonder what the heck is going on here.

I think this will be a very effective poster with the intended audience for this film. And it’s just a great looking poster, period.



3 thoughts on “The Darjeeling Limited Poster”

  1. Anderson (and his team, I’m sure) pay such great attention to detail that it’s hard not to admire. And their willingness to “break the rules” of traditional one-sheets is admirable.

    I love his films and will definitely be on board for Darjeeling. It’s always a complete package – the posters, soundtracks and the movies are all great.

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