The Host Posters

The Poster 1

Since I have been talking about Korean monster movies, and since The Host was released in DVD today, it seems like a good time to post a these posters.

The above poster, which seems to be the main American poster (and the cover of the DVD), is actually the one a like the least. The yellow tone doesn’t really match the look of the movie, and together with the title’s font it makes this look like a cheesy monster movie, the kind of thing that might make an appropriate SciFi Channel movie. And The Host certainly isn’t like that.

But I think all the other posters work quite well. They look very good, and they tend to focus on the human characters, only hinting at the monster, which mostly remains just outside the frame. I think that is an wise choice for several reasons. First, It’s generally more effective and tends to convey the sense of fear and dread better than simply showing the creature. Second, it’s more true to the essence of the film which really is about the humans and how they react to the monster. And third, it doesn’t spoil the movie. Although the film itself isn’t very shy about showing the monster there some buildup to his first appearance in the beginning of the movie which might have been less effective if we already had gotten an eyeful of him before we even got into the theater.

Overall a very nice collection of posters. Check out the rest of them after the jump.

The Host Poster 2

The Host Poster 3
The Host Poster 4
The Host Poster 5
The Host Poster 6


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