First Cloverfield Poster

Cloverfield Poster

If you saw the Cloverfield (aka 1-18-00) trailer you know that at the end we get the shocking image of the head of the Statue of Liberty rolling down the street. Apparently they decided that this was a very effective approach and they went with a beheaded Statue of Liberty as the main visual attraction of this teaser poster. Like the folks over at Backlot Talk point out, this isn’t exactly an original approach to poster design.

Still, I think it’s pretty effective. And the teaser in general maintains what has been the marketing approach for this movie so far: it shows just enough to keep people guessing. I know that all around the Internet there are people now going over every detail of the image looking for new clues.

The final poster is going to to have to be very different. But this is good for now.



One thought on “First Cloverfield Poster”

  1. Now this is a perfect teaser poster. Shocking, mysterious, tells you nothing you don’t already know while making you think it does. It’s an A+.

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