Sweeney Todd Poster

Sweeney Todd Poster

When it comes to anything related to Tim Burton’s work we can generally expect something dark and a bit weird, but also with a strange sense of humor to it. This poster for Sweeney Todd mostly lacks any humor at all. But otherwise it fits. It’s very dark, not only in it’s color but also in the mood it transmits, with the few splashes of blood red making it especially creepy. And it looks quite weird, both in the visual style which makes the image look like a very realistic drawing and in the choice of setting and of “camera angle”.

Johnny Depp gets prominent placement in the poster, which is to be expected. After all he plays the title character and is the main draw in the film, from a marketing perspective. And I have to say, his expression adds a lot to the poster. Even in a still he is still able to transmit so much with his face. Impressive.

I’m sure many people will will be a little repulsed by the darkness of this poster. Me? Well, I’m more interested than ever in the movie.



11 thoughts on “Sweeney Todd Poster”

  1. That’s a bold move, partially covering your title like that – but, if anyone has the guts and cache to pull it off, it’s Burton (and Depp).

    As for the overall look, it’s a meh for me. Not wildly original in concept or execution, really.

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