All the Boys Love Mandy Lane Poster

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane Poster

This poster for the small horror flick All the Boys Love Mandy Lane certainly is striking. The fiery background and the characters, which are mostly covered in shadows, do call attention to themselves and make for an interesting image.

But I don’t really like the poster, mostly because it doesn’t look like a poster for a horror movie. Certainly not a horror movie where these characters are brutally murdered one by one. To me it mostly resembles the cover of a somewhat dark comic book, starring a fierce and courageous heroine who wears a white dress. And I don’t have a problem with that, but it doesn’t seem like an accurate description of the movie.

From what I’ve read, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane deals with many of the typical problems and anxieties that plague teenagers, but ups the ante by adding a serial killer, which definitely increases the fear factor. I see none of that in the poster. No fear, no anxiety, no “monster” lurking in the shadows. Nothing.

I haven’t actually seen the film, so perhaps I’m wrong about its substance. But this looks to me like a possibly good poster, but not for this movie.

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My, How You've Grown, Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Poster

I was taking a look at the posters for the earlier Harry Potter films and was quite shocked to see how much Daniel Radcliffe changed over the years. I shouldn’t have been so shocked, after all it’s been six years since the original film was released, and Radcliffe was only 12 at the time (probably 11 at the time of shooting). Still, it’s remarkable once you are seeing the images side by side.

Below the jump a look at the change throughout the years, as chronicled by the posters.

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Five Fred Claus Posters

Fred Claus Poster 1

In theory the idea of Vince Vaughn playing the black sheep of the Claus family sounds hilarious. But these posters aren’t doing much to sell what should be an extremely easy to sell movie. As a matter of fact, all the elf action is making the film seem quite silly. And not in the good way.

And Vince Vaughn, who should be the main draw, is being seriously misused. His expression in both posters he appears is quite bland. It’s like Vaughn has been replaced with a more boring version of himself. And the interaction between Vaughn and the elf in the poster above seems very fake, as if it was an image put together in Photoshop. Which it most likely is, but it shouldn’t look that way.

You can check the rest of the posters after the jump. Hopefully the picture is a lot better than the posters.

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Fred Claus Poster 5

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Hitman Teaser Poster

Hitman Teaser Poster

So, this Hitman thing, I understand it’s some sort of electronic game that the young people are playing nowadays?

I’m so clueless about modern games it’s not even funny. And I know nothing about Hitman, so the poster above does nothing for me. It’s probably fine as a teaser poster, as long as it means something to people who actually know the game. But for the final posters I think they should keep in mind the need to interest people who are as clueless as me, but who might nevertheless enjoy the movie.

The poster comes via the TwitchFilm. Thanks to Andrew from Movie Patron for pointing it out to me.

Lust, Caution Poster

Lust, Caution Poster
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Focus Features has just released this new poster for Ang Lee’s Lust, Caution, and I think it’s a thing of beauty. Very creative positioning of the actors and use of shadows. And I love how the title was rendered as if it was just another shadow being projected on the wall.

The whole poster also conveys well the idea behind the title. There is obviously some attraction between the two main characters. But there is also danger in their interaction, and things keeping them apart. Perhaps dangerous things, which force them to hide their true feelings in the shadows? The title itself stands between the two characters, acting as a visual barrier, probably representing more concrete barriers that are to be found in the story.

Certainly much more interesting than a typical poster for a character driven drama. And a very clever visualization of the movie’s premise and title. I love it.

Lust, Caution is currently scheduled to open September 28, in limited release.

The Third D-War Poster

Third D-War Poster (Big)

TwitchFilm alerts us to the third poster for the Korean monster movie D-War. And I find that this poster, much like the previous ones, is very cool.

I think that my fascination with these posters has a lot to do with the fact that I have always liked giant monster movies, and have always been afraid of snakes. So a movie with a giant snake just hits home for me.

But I also think that the posters were themselves very well done. They manage to transmit the power of the monster by setting it against the city in a way that gives us a good idea of it’s impressive size. The latest poster also adds a couple of people, which again highlights the monsters size and power, and also makes it’s menace more immediate. The posters also use a gray tone and always feature cloudy skies, which I think properly sets a darker, but not too dark, mood.

And it features a giant snake! Come on, you have to love that!

And Now, for Something a Little Darker…

100 Tears Poster

Here are two poster for two different upcoming horror films. Above we have a poster for 100 Tears, found via IMPAwards. Below, an international poster for Catacombs, via WorstPreviews.

The poster for 100 tears takes a more in your face approach to the gore. And it is, in my opinion, quite creepy. But, it uses a murderous clown, which I consider to be cheating. I mean, anybody can make a creepy image using a clown!

The poster for catacombs on the other hand is firmly placed in the woman in peril genre. And this particular woman seem to be trapped in what I’m (widely) guessing is a Catacomb. Not bad, but in other to stand out from the crowd I think they are going to have to be a little more creative with this one. And by more creative I do not mean more raunchy or more gory, at least not necessarily.

And please, let’s not have another Captivity like brouhaha. That kind of stuff gets old fast.

International Catacombs Poster