Final Good Luck Chuck Poster

Final Good Luck Chuck Poster
(click for a larger version)

Ok, take a good look at this poster. Now tell me, honestly, don’t you just want to wipe that smirk off of Dane Cook’s face? I know I should be focusing on other things, like how lovely Miss Alba looks, but the smirk haunts me. It can’t be just me, can it?

But let’s put my general dislike of Dane Cook aside, is this a good poster? Well, let’s see. We have the two main actors, which is probably good thing since they will be a good part of the movie’s draw. But their interaction and poses aren’t particularly interesting. They are in an elevator, which is going down. And if that was too subtle for you they add the phrase “On September 21st, someone’s going down.” See? It’s a sex joke!

So, yeah, not a horrible poster but nothing to get excited about either.

The whole poster campaign for Good Luck Chuck has been lackluster. It was often too clever by half, and it never tried to convey the movie’s premise (every girl that has sex with Chuck soon goes on to marries someone else, in case you were wondering). Then again, I remember all the posters very clearly, even tough I dislike them. So they are somewhat memorable. Maybe they work with people that aren’t as annoyed by Dane Cook as me?


One thought on “Final Good Luck Chuck Poster”

  1. It looks like they participated in seperate photo shoots and then were photoshopped together at a later time. The lighting isn’t the same on the two of them.

    I could give or take the text used, but I like the font treatments and overall look of the poster. But yeah, it’d be better if Cook weren’t in it.

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