The Kite Runner Movie Poster

The Kite Runner Movie Poster

I’m very aware that The Kite Runner is a best seller. And I must have seen the book a thousand times as I perused various bookstores over the last few years. And yet, I know nothing about the book’s story.

So when I look at the poster I’m trying, among other things, to figure out what the movie/book is about. With that frame of mind I notice the kids, the kites, the scenery, the tagline and the sun shining through the clouds. And based on that I’m guessing that the movie is about some sort of coming of age story that involves friendship and a hardship that is eventually overcome. I’m also guessing that the film has some positive message. And those elements also trigger some memory I have about the story taking place in the Middle East.

I wonder how far off I am.

Kite Runner is one of those rare films that can probably do well by simply getting the people who read the book to go see it. Word of mouth can take it from there. Since I haven’t read the book I can’t say how effective the poster is with people who have. But it can say this: the poster managed to get me interested in the book again, and I will probably go and find out what it is about once I’m done writing this post.

(Poster from RT, found via /film)


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