The Strangers Poster

The Strangers Poster
(click for a large version)

You know, I think that right now that climate is just wrong for a teaser poster featuring a woman covered in blood and looking seriously hurt. After all, Hostel 2 and Captivity, which had the woman in grave distress premise, have bombed. And since they did the criticism of “torture porn”, especially the kind centered on women, has been more vocal and harsh than ever.

Now, you might disagree with said criticism. But the reality remains that a poster like this is likely to trigger the same kinds of comments. And since recent movies who were sold on similar concepts didn’t do too well on the boxoffice, it just seems like a marketing approach doomed to failure.

And yeah, the ugly yellow background doesn’t help either.


3 thoughts on “The Strangers Poster”

  1. I’m not with you here. Sure, the content has its issues (deserved), but I think the colors, treatment (worn, faded) and font all kick ass and make this poster stand apart from the rest of the genre. Now, whether or not that will translate into anything is another story…

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