Right At Your Door Poster

Right At Your Door Poster

We meet again, Mr. hazard suit man.

Some of you might remember seeing this poster for 28 Weeks Later earlier this year.

28 Weeks Later Poster

I liked the 28 weeks Later poster. The one for Right At Your Door not so much. Although the latter does manage to convey that basic premise of the movie (a dirty bomb goes off in Los Angeles) it lacks the style of the former. The new poster is too slick, too clean, and because of that I think it doesn’t get across the sense of mayhem and danger as well.

From what I have read about Right At Your Door a good deal of the film takes place inside the house of the protagonist, where he seals himself. There he has to face the fear, the lack of information and the isolation. This is one of the elements that distinguishes this movie from the run of the mill disaster pic, and it would have been interesting if the poster had tried to show some of that. Or to show something else that made the film look more unique.

As it is now I think this is a decent, but very uninspired poster.

(Via IMPAwards)


One thought on “Right At Your Door Poster”

  1. Yea, it might be okay were it not a blatant rip of the 28 Weeks Later poster. Doesn’t help that the 28WL one is one of the best posters of the last few years.

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