Killers From Space and Wild Women Of Wongo Posters

As you people might or might not already know, three of the guys from Mystery Science Theater 3000, Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett, have reunited in order to do some MST3000 style commentary tracks of bad movies. The call themselves The Film Crew and recently they have tackled the somewhat cult classic Killers From Space. Their next project? Wild Women Of Wongo.

Upon hearing those titles I couldn’t help but to look for the original posters. Gladly the Internet did not disappoint me.

Killers From Space Poster

Killers From Space Poster

Help! Our world is being attacked by GIANT EYES!

Wild Women Of Wongo

Totally gratuitous fights between half-dresses women included.

You just have to love those old B-Movie posters.


One thought on “Killers From Space and Wild Women Of Wongo Posters”

  1. Ha! I actually OWN Killers from Space on VHS somewhere. I paid like $2 for it at a drugstore when i was a kid a saved it to this day. Love those ping-pong eyeballs.

    PS – The movie sucks.

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