New Beowulf Poster

New Beowulf Poster

Like I said before, main main worry with this film is that the animation technique they are using might not work for me. I totally trust the people involved with the film to deliver a great story presented beautifully. But if the underlying animation technique leaves me cold it won’t matter how well everything else works.

With that in mind I was happy with the look of this poster, because it looks so real that you can hardly tell that it is completely computer generated. If the whole movie looked like this I’m sure I would love it. I doubt it will tough, based on what we have seen before. But still.

That said, the poster, by itself, isn’t that good. A guy in close up holding a sword pointing to you with not much that can be seen in the background. Not awful, but also not that exciting. Especially because the guy itself doesn’t have the presence of, say, a Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn.

(Via IMPAwards)


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