Sisters Movie Poster

Sisters Movie Poster 1

Via Bloody Disgusting we have two posters for the remake of of the classic Brian De Palma film Sisters. The one above, let’s call it the original, and a slight variation on it that can be seen below.

Sisters Movie Poster 2

I quite like the original . The old photograph look makes it quite distinctive. And despite the fact that it depicts a seemly innocent scene, the whole image still sets a dark and eerie mood.

But the second one is even better. It maintains all the positive aspects of the original, but the tear in the middle of it makes the image stand out more. And it hints that the separation of these sisters will be an important plot point, so it also manages to tell us more about the movie.

These are subtle posters, that work not by showing us anything horrific, but by setting a dark mood and hinting at possible bad occurrences. As much as I liked the very gory SAW posters in the past, I would like to see more like these right now.


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