Rendition Movie Poster

Rendition Movie Poster

When I was talking about the poster for Reservation Road I mentioned the popularity of the strips poster design, where the poster is divided in strips and each strip has one or two of the main characters. I think I will cal this variation “dirty strips”. It’s like the normal strips poster, but with RAGGED EDGES! Which makes it all so much more radical.

All snark aside, I actually like what they are doing here. Not only the ragged edges, but also the use of some very busy backgrounds and the coloring. There is a lot to look at and I think that overall the image makes the movie seem exciting, stylish and action packed. In other words it makes the movie seem thrilling.

But I totally understand Chris from Movie Marketing Madness whose reaction to the poster was “Seriously – Stop it with the stripes.”

(via Cinematical)

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