New Hitman Poster

Hitman Teaser Poster

Well, this is more like it.

Like I said before, I don’t know anything about Hitman. So I have no idea how meaningful this is to people who like the game. But I do think this is a much more interesting poster for those of us who don’t already know the story and the characters. In part because there is a lot more to look at. But also, and more importantly, because it starts to introduce us to the character at the center of the movie. It doesn’t show much right now, just a bald guy enveloped in shadows and holding two guns, but it’s a start.

This would be a terrible final poster. But as a teaser for a larger campaign I think it will probably work well enough.

(Via MovieWeb, Thanks to John Allison from FilmGrotto and Movie Patron Blog for pointing it out)


The Nines Poster

The Nines Poster
(click for a large version)

Via Cinematical we have the final poster for John August’s The Nines. The trailer for this film was at the same time very weird and quite fascinating. This poster maintains the weird, but I think it fails to bring the fascinating.

Everything I have read about The Nines indicates that this is a very interesting but strange film, with a complex storyline that is impossible to describe briefly. And because the film is like that, it seems to be completely devoid of a clear marketing hook. So I definitely feel the pain of the people who have the job of coming up with a poster for it. But I think that right now the poster presents the worst of two worlds. It’s weird, but in an off-putting manner.

So what would be the solution? I’m not sure. Like I said, this seems like a tough movie to market. But I’m guessing they should have either gone with something really out there, or with something very sober that didn’t point to the more strange aspects of the movie. I think either would probably make for an improvement.

I should say that I think this poster might work quite well as a character poster that is part of a larger poster campaign. It just fails as the final poster for the film.

Semi-Pro Poster

Semi-Pro Poster

This is a very good looking, sober and clean poster. The problem is that this is a Will Ferell sports comedy. And those have been known to use successfully some much less sober posters.

Blades of Glory Poster

Perhaps the humor in this movie is a little different than that of recent Ferell films. More subtle, possibly. In that case this poster might offer an accurate idea of what the movie is like. But I think people have come to expect a certain type of film from Ferell, and a poster that makes Semi-Pro seem much different from that kind of film might keep some of his fans away.

(Via Cinematical)

SAW IV Blood Drive Poster

SAW Blood Drive Poster
(click for a large version)

Another year, another SAW movie and another SAW Halloween blood drive. And of course, another SAW Blood Drive Poster, once again featuring a SAW nurse photo by Tim Palen.

I know very well that Lionsgate doesn’t help to organize these blood drives purely out of the goodness of their hearts. They obviously also believe that this makes for good marketing. But that doesn’t really bother me. If they can combine good marketing with some good actions, more power to them.

And I like the poster, in much the same way I liked the posters for the past blood drives. Even tough it creeps me out a little. Actually, probably because it creeps me out a little.

By the way, the poster says you can get more information accessing, but right now that site just points to Lionsgate’s main site. I’m sure that will change soon.

The Kingdom Poster

The Kingdom Poster
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I mostly agree with Chris form Movie Marketing Madness on this one. The poster clearly places The Kingdom as an action film centered around Jamie Foxx, with Jennifer Garner as a secondary draw. Conversely it downplays the more political aspects of the movie and the rest of the cast. I have no idea if that is and accurate representation of the actual movie, but it seems like an effective way of selling it.

And yes, in this particular case I think the having the picture occupy only half of the poster, with the other half occupied mostly by the title and a dark background, works very well. It gives a the poster a nice distinctive look.

The Kite Runner Movie Poster

The Kite Runner Movie Poster

I’m very aware that The Kite Runner is a best seller. And I must have seen the book a thousand times as I perused various bookstores over the last few years. And yet, I know nothing about the book’s story.

So when I look at the poster I’m trying, among other things, to figure out what the movie/book is about. With that frame of mind I notice the kids, the kites, the scenery, the tagline and the sun shining through the clouds. And based on that I’m guessing that the movie is about some sort of coming of age story that involves friendship and a hardship that is eventually overcome. I’m also guessing that the film has some positive message. And those elements also trigger some memory I have about the story taking place in the Middle East.

I wonder how far off I am.

Kite Runner is one of those rare films that can probably do well by simply getting the people who read the book to go see it. Word of mouth can take it from there. Since I haven’t read the book I can’t say how effective the poster is with people who have. But it can say this: the poster managed to get me interested in the book again, and I will probably go and find out what it is about once I’m done writing this post.

(Poster from RT, found via /film)

Why Did I Get Married Teaser Poster

Why Did I Get Married Teaser Poster
(click for a large version)

Well, since I talked so badly about “big letters” posters before, I guess It’s only fair that I talk about one that does work reasonably well.

It’s a simple and clean poster really. Mostly it’s just the title, in a big white font. And because it’s so clean, and because the title itself is short, it makes it more likely that people will actually read it. And the title should be intriguing enough to get people wondering.

We also have Tyler Perry’s name above the title. I think it’s been more than proven by now that the guy puts some butts into the seats. And finally we have a couple of wedding bands hanging off of the interrogation point, just too add a little bit of visual spice.

Obviously, this is just a teaser poster, and it would never work as a final poster. And I’m still not in love with it. But if you are going to fill most of the poster with text, this is the way to do it.