The Comebacks Poster

The Comebacks Poster
(click for a larger version)

This poster reminds me a little of the classic Animal House poster.

Animal House Poster

Lots of characters, all of them doing zany things, amounting to a lot of stuff to look at. A style of poster that seems to have fallen out of flavor.

The poster for The Comebacks isn’t a great example of the style tough. There isn’t enough stuff going on to fill the poster, so they end up using a lot of white space and a big helmet. And the characters themselves don’t look all that funny. Also, there are too many people using uniforms, which means they are all dressed in the same color and aren’t quite easily distinguishable from one another. So the poster doesn’t achieve that effect of overwhelming zaniness. It just looks messy and a little confusing.

I still like it better than the prior poster tough.


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