Another Hitman Movie Poster

Hitman Movie Poster

This new Hitman poster is not that different from the last one. It shows as a little more of the character, but not that much. It’s also darker and, I think, more closely resembles the artwork of the game, which might be appreciated by the fans. On the other hand, the last poster was a lot more interesting to look at.

I think the message of the campaign is going to be “this guy is cool.” If that is the case, they are going to have to do a much better job than they have so far, because right now he doesn’t seem cool enough to get me to go see him in a theater.

(via IESB)


One thought on “Another Hitman Movie Poster”

  1. I’ve never played the game or anything, but I believe this new poster is pretty much a replica of the game’s cover.

    Can’t say I have much of any interest in seeing this, but I’m a fan of Olyphant, so who knows.

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